Executive coaching for high-performance leaders

Win at work. Succeed in life. Leave a legacy.


Achieve more

Walk in purpose

Experience Breakthrough

Achieve more

Walk in purpose

Experience Breakthrough

Does this sound like you?

  • Have you hit a plateau with your growth you want to overcome?
  • Do you want to take your team/organization to the next level?
  • Are you trying to effectively navigate a key transition?
  • ​Do you seek to achieve more while increasing personal fulfillment?
  • ​Are you looking for clarity around your purpose?

Christo Schutte coaches high performance leaders who want to achieve more while walking in purpose. 

In the last 15 years, he’s transformed small businesses, Fortune 500 companies & thousands of lives. He’s helped clients navigate selling multi-million dollar businesses and launch new careers, successful executives who were burnt out to find new life, and leaders moving into CEO roles with new pressures and challenges. 

Christo has changed my life, and I would recommend him to anyone. I have never experienced an engagement where someone was so committed to me as a person and was able to so quickly affect change in my life.  

 - Jeff Reiss, Head of Retail Sales at Hartford Funds

What is next

Here are the simple next steps to start working with Christo.

1. Schedule intro call

In a short intro call, you connect with Christo, especially to ensure that the next step is right for you.

2. Discovery Session

Christo offers a free discovery coaching session so you can see firsthand the value that he brings.

3. Create Coaching Plan

After identifying a clear outcome for success, Christo will work with you to create a personalized plan.

3. Create Coaching Plan

Through a 6 or 12 month journey of executive coaching, you will experience significant growth and transformation

What Clients Say

I came to Christo since I felt stuck in an area where I was trying to grow, and he helped me gain the tools to break through to the next level. His coaching was especially instrumental to me during my decision to sell my business and through the entire transition.

- Matt Blakely, CEO, MB3

"When I first met Christo, my challenge to him was to help me work out who am I going to become. I wasn't looking for another self-help guru. Our engagement has changed me as a leader and father!  

Richard Daw CEO, Clone Systems

As a result of our work over the last year, I have doubled my leadership presence in my field, as well as my salary. I have stepped into a space in which my work is viewed nationally. 

Thaddeus Squire, Founder & Chief Commons Officer, CultureWorks 

I sought Christo to work with me because I wanted to be able to slow down and truly get a deeper understanding of myself and my purpose. I not only achieved more (received a 20% increase in revenue) in just a couple months, but I also feel more fulfilled. I highly recommend Christo to anyone who is looking to become a better leader. 

- Matt Blank, Business Development Manager, Friedman LLP

Christo enabled me to open up and be honest with myself - something that was difficult for me to do! He created an atmosphere of trust early on and challenged me to think about my leadership style differently. The results speak for itself. I am different, so is my team! I would highly recommend Christo to anyone. He is an amazing coach!

Josh Renihan, Vice President of Sales, Essity Health

Christo's incisive coaching has given myself and my business the vision to think bigger and bolder about what we want and the impact we can have in the world. As a result, our revenue has grown exponentially, but more importantly, we're happier in our work and crafting the kind of business that aligns with our values and the positive and vibrant world we want to create. If you know deep down that there must be "more", call him

Kate Strathmann, CEO, Wanderwell

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