Our mindset has a direct effect on the results we get. Simple as that.
Let’s talk about two mindsets.

The first mindset is the reactive mindset. The impulse in the reactive mindset is safety, in which you are much more focused externally and trying to keep your world safe. You are driven by fear.

The other mindset is the creative mindset. The impulse here is purpose, in which you are much more inwardly focused and centered. You are also mostly drive by passion.

Here’s an example in the reactive mindset. A life insurance sales person started to notice that at a certain time in the month, his sales would go down. Simultaneously, the fear would kick in. And that fear would bring him into a place of taking more action, and so he would then get more results. And with the increate of his sales again his fear soon disappears. But, as you may guess with less fear, he takes less action and his sales go down again and the cycle starts all over. This is what can happen with a reactive mindset.

However, if the sales person were able to clearly answer the following three questions”

1. What is my why?
2. What matters to me?
What do I want to create?

He would then be operating from a place of centeredness and purpose—a creative mindset. He would have more passion, energy. And it would have a ripple effect on his sales. These sales would steadily increase.

What I want you to do is in the next couple of weeks just notice. Be care not to judge yourself… just simply notice. What is driving you? Is it fear or is it passion? Do you have a reactive mindset or a creative mindset?

Reflection Questions
Are you mostly driven by fear or passion?
What will shift in your life if you live and lead more from purpose and passion?

Do you want to grow as a leader?

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