Design a memorable event that combines sport and leadership development. Work with our coaches that are available for custom keynotes and interactive workshop sessions. We will work directly with you to plan a meaningful experience for your participants.


 1. Resilience – “What leaders can learn from the PRO’s”

 We are all bombarded with information each and every day of our lives. Our demands are only getting heavier; the need to meet a plethora of deadlines still plagues us. And not only does our working world need our attention, but so does our personal lives. How do we improve our performance at work in the midst of all of life’s demands?

During this presentation we will closely look at performance. Professional athletes are consistently practicing performance, focus, and presence in the moment. It is time for leaders to see themselves as professional athletes in the business world!

2. SELF-CARE—“Manage your energy, not your time”

With the constant rise of technology and the speed at which we are living, today’s business professionals must learn to effectively pace their lives or pay the consequences. In fact, health professionals estimate that the majority of doctor and hospital visits are now due to stress. Closely linked to this issue is poor energy management.

During this power pact presentation the focus will be to help the audience learn to manage their stress by implementing some key approaches professional athletes use. The audience will also learn the keys to successful energy management, positively affecting performance in the work place and that at home.

 3. VERTICAL leadership DEVELOPMENT—“Intentional Transformation”

 What is the future of leadership development? Almost everyone will agree that we are currently living in a much more complex world than twenty years ago. Current trends in globalization and technology are forcing leaders to adjust in the way they are leading in this volatile, complex, and constantly changing environment. In fact, thousands of new books are written about leadership development every year and hundreds of leaders are sent for training and leadership development workshops. But are these methods effective?

More complex and adaptive thinking abilities and skills are needed from our leaders, but our approach to leadership development remained static. So, what is missing? The time has come for leaders to own their individual, internal development (mentally, emotionally and spiritually). During this presentation we will address this need for development through the lens of “Adult Development Theory.”


“The Game Within is developing a story worth hearing.  Christo combines his experience as a high performance athlete with his training as a coach in a unique and meaningful way.  I have invited Christo to share parts of his story with groups of business owners on two occasions.  In both instances, he challenged them to better understand what is required to achieve peak performance, and to think deeply about their own approach to leadership.  I’m sure we will hear more from (and about) Christo as the years unfold.”

– Doug Roof, President – The Alternative Board

“Christo gave a presentation to ten of my best clients who are successful entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Christo most importantly made ME look good as his performance was engaging, thoughtful, and professional.  Second, rather than making himself the focus of attention, I was very impressed with how Christo was able to get his audience to interact and share their interesting experiences.  Christo is an excellent communicator and passionate about his subject matter.  He sparks good conversation with good questions.  His unique personal follow-up with EVERY one of my clients was impressive.   I have never seen other professionals do this in my 15 year experience!” 

Marc Pelletier, Vice-President – Wilmington Trust Company