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What is your why?

We currently live in a world where most people operate in a “reactive mode.” Very few leaders are clear about what truly matters to them and what drives them. However, when we are clear about our emotional WHY we can operate from a place of purpose and power.

Are you curious about your why?

Are you an influential, compassionate, results driven leader of an organization?

Are you visionary, with an equal understanding of the power that culture wields on an organization?

Are you ready to make a bigger impact in the world?

This one-day program is developed for leaders and their teams who are determined to operate from a deeper, more powerful place. Participants will walk away with:

  • Direction on their personal Whys
  • Tools to develop team Whys
  • Clarity on organizational vision and purpose
  • A greater capacity to influence and inspire others
  • Tools to continue to live from a proactive and creative place
  • A set of tangible steps to be taken toward the greater cause

This transformational leadership program includes:

  • 30-minute intake call
  • 60-minute post-program coaching call
  • Cohort partnership that will meet semi-annually to bring continued support
  • A new platform from which to support your own personal why

Finding your Why will help Christo to fulfill his

Born and raised in South Africa, Christo Schutte has always had a special place in his heart for Africa. His wife, an American born in Kenya with family roots in the continent, has with equal fervor supported Christo’s innate desire to make an impact there. This desire to give back to Africa continued to grow as the Schuttes fostered a child with great medical need from Burkina Faso in 2015-2016. Giving back to this beautiful continent is one of Christo’s “why’s” and the exciting part is that this journey has really just begun.

In signing up for this unique workshop, not only will you be digging deeper, searching for your why, but you will also be aiding Christo in his why of giving back to Africa. This is because the entire proceeds of this workshop–$1,495—will go straight to Christo and Faith’s YouCaring page to aid them in their African adoption fund. So not only will you become more challenged and equipped to live from your why, but you will be part of connecting a forever family for an African child(ren) in need.

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Client Testimonials

  • The “What is your why?” workshop that Christo facilitated for us was truly transformational!!! What an opportunity to slow down and listen to what is most important. It allowed each team member to explore their individual purpose while at the same time binding our shared purpose together. Thank you!

    Almero Steyn
    Almero Steyn Integralis IT Consulting, South Africa

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