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Did you ever stop to ask yourself “why” you do what you do and “why” your company does what it does? What if you took an hour at your next conference to re-communicate your company’s mission, re-inspire your employees and re-center your leaders?

Often with annual conferences, we find that the emphasis is placed on unveiling new product and service rollouts, recognizing standout performances and presenting annual forecasting for the company—all of which are important practices. While significant, all of these subjects are part of the “what” category of your company—which is just one part of your story.

what is your why

The Game Within is on a mission to motivate 1 000,000 leaders to find their “why” and corporate conferences are a great place to start. When an executive truly understands his or her “why,” executives can learn to lead from a place of centeredness, consciousness, and purpose. As a result, these executives experience better productivity, more positive relationships with clients and team members, and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

Client Testimonials

  • I will never forget how Christo was able to take our group of senior sales leaders and open their eyes and hearts in a way that I never thought was possible. His talk around “What is Your Why?” was transformational, a true stepping stone for deeper change. If you are looking for a speaker that is truly different for your next “National Sales Meeting,” Christo is your guy!

    Jeff Reiss
    Jeff Reiss Head of Retail Sales, Hartford Funds, Philadelphia
  • “What’s You Why?” Perhaps one of the hardest and most challenging questions for anyone to answer. Christo has spoken to our salesforce, over 125 individuals, numerous times on this subject. He has helped us not only collectively articulate our core purpose but to also rally around it and execute it at a new level. Morale is now at an all-time high across the sales teams. We are certain we will see a correlation between that heightened morale and increased productivity.

    Jac McLean
    Jac McLean Head of Distribution, Hartford Funds, Philadelphia

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