Executive Team Alignment

Creating synergy among executive teams

More often than not, time, effort and funds go towards creating an impressive corporate strategy. But, many teams fail to reach their potential because they cannot efficiently work together and execute the strategy. Team culture must first be established followed by a clear system of roles. Only then, after trust has been regained does strategy reenter the picture. 

To assist with alignment amongst teams, team members are interviewed and a report is created by Christo Schutte, identifying the team’s primary constraint. The team then meets for two days once a quarter, to break the constraint and work through seven critical questions toward team alignment.

Client Testimonials

  • We were essentially a “high-performing, working group” but not a true team. Christo inspired our ten person Senior Leadership team to attack the underlying issues holding us back. We made huge breakthroughs. Three months later after a second two-day offsite, the group emerged genuinely feeling that we were well on our way to actually being a Team. Christo helped us crystallize our collective purpose, goals and how to align these priorities—Client, Firm, Team and then Self. These sessions have become invaluable. We are committed to having Christo lead all our Quarterly offsite meetings.

    Jac McLean
    Jac McLean Head of Distribution, Hartford Funds, Philadelphia

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