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Toomas H. Truumees

Managing Partner, Decision Strategies International

Christo is very open and flexible, but at the same time he will push you to develop beyond your immediate leadership needs. I am certainly now able to tackle more complex business issues in high-pressure situations, without the great levels of stress I was previously experiencing. I also found it valuable to simply take time to pause and reflect over my current business challenges and have someone like Christo help me see them with new eyes and begin to make the changes to handle them differently.

Jeff Reiss

Head of Retail Sales, Hartford Funds, Philadelphia

Christo has changed my life, and I would recommend him to anyone.
I have never experienced an engagement where someone was so committed to me as a person and was able to so quickly affect change in my life. Everything I do and all areas of my life have been transformed—my overall family and work life is so much more valuable to me and I am able to approach these spheres in a way I never was able to before. Christo particularly showed me the power of accepting and now I operate well in the most difficult of situations, bringing out the best in myself and in my team. Christo went above and beyond and I recommend him with 100% confidence.

Richard Daw

CEO, Clone Systems, Philadelphia

When I first met Christo, my challenge to him was to help me work out who am I going to become. I wasn’t looking for another self help guru, or assistance with goal setting and how to get what I wanted, I already has a clear understanding of that process. What I needed, was to unlock the deeper potential in side of me, by overcoming some deep routed beliefs that were holding me back, and to really discover my ‘why’, and be confident that I was headed in the right direction with my life. Christo has helped me re-discover my inner light, and strengthened my faith so that I can follow my star.

Kate Strathmann

Partner/Elysian Fields Philadelphia

Christo’s incisive coaching has given myself and Elysian Fields the vision to think bigger and bolder about what we want and the impact we can have in the world. His astute feedback pushed me to discover more about my motivations, my inspirations, and what I want to build in this lifetime than I ever had before. As a result, our revenue has grown exponentially, but more importantly, we’re happier in our work and crafting the kind of business that aligns with our values and the positive and vibrant world we want to create. If you know deep down that there must be “more”, call him.

Tania Schade

Vice President, Business Development at FluidEdge Consulting

Christo is an amazing coach! He does not use cookie cutter tactics, but customizes each engagement to meet his client’s specific needs. Through working with him, I was able for the first time in my life to translate and change some of my own personal beliefs and behaviors that were barriers to reaching my full potential as a leader. Working with him re-energized my personal and professional life and I’m excited to see what’s ahead of me. I can’t imagine not having Christo in my life for support and guidance. I highly recommend Christo if you want to up your game and be the Leader you know you can be! 

Thaddeus Squire

Managing Director, CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia

I would highly recommend working with Christo. He has a strong and diverse tool kit of approaches to address professional development and realize goals and was able to find the right mix of approaches along the way to support my objectives. He also has a nimble approach to coaching, able to turn a dime and pursue emergent directions that arise through the coaching process. As a result of our work over the last year or so, I have doubled my leadership presence in my field, as well as my salary. I have stepped into a space in which my work is viewed on a national stage, not just local. And I have greatly refined my way of communicating and advocating for my core beliefs and professional vision.

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