Last month we talked about two types of mindsets: the reactive and the creative mindsets.

Some years ago I received a call where I was asked to help a gymnast. This gymnast was in a tailspin. She had fallen off the beam 3-4 meets in a row. And she had only 2 weeks to get ready for a state meet. In 2 weeks I had to help her get out of her head.

I remember the first call we had. She was in a different part of the country and so we had a Skype call. She was honest from the beginning. She explained that the pressure was just too much. It was getting to her. She had done this since she was 5 years old but now she just didn’t know what to do with it.

I looked her in the eyes and told her, “I have good news and I have bad news.”

She wanted the bad news first. “The bad news is: the pressure is never going to go away. The pressure is always going to be there. It is like watching ESPN or CNN and you see the words at the bottom of the screen running from left to right. It’s there. You cannot take it away. But the first step is: to accept it.”

You see, there are different levels of acceptance as well. When you get to the last level of acceptance you actually start embracing it. But you have to accept it first.

“The good news,” I told her, “is you can always choose. You have the power to choosewhere you put your focus. Are you going to put your focus on the TV screen or are you really going to look at the words at the bottom of the screen? YOU can choose where to put your focus!”

From that point on, we spent a lot of time identifying her focus. And it was amazing to see in 10 sessions, where we just focused on these two things—acceptance and focus—how she went from not being sure she would go to States to placing #6 in the nation a couple months later. This is a powerful principle.

How can you use this principle in your world?
What pressure is very real and standing in the way of your own success?

1. Accept it.
2. Choose your focus.

Attempt in the next couple of weeks to notice. Notice how the fear is affecting you and your world. Choose to accept it and choose where to redirect your focus.

Reflection Questions:
What do you need to accept right now?
Where are you going to put your focus?


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