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What if you could create a positive transformation in your business starting right now? What if the key to your success wasn’t about the tools you implement on the outside, but instead it was about the game within? Glance below ssndob this point.What if you could make a massive impact in your organization, your life and your home by developing your leadership potential? You would see extraordinary results.

The Game Within promotes powerful and sustaining leadership development through a customized approach to executive coaching that teaches leaders how to align the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, technical domains. Just as a tennis player trains for a high stakes match, The Game Within encourages executives to train to get to the next level in their leadership development and performance through personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, team alignment sessions, leadership development workshops, experiential learning programs and keynote speaking.

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What is your why?

An integral part of The Game Within executive training is guiding leaders through the discovery of “What is your why?” and understanding the difference between your life’s purpose and short term goals. By understanding your “why,” executives open themselves up to experiences and actions that are driven by passion and purpose, leading to more positive relationships with clients, team members and employees and fulfillment in all areas of life.

Who is a good candidate for The Game Within?

Our executive coaches have successfully worked with Olympic athletes, small business owners, high potential leaders and Fortune 500 executives. Any executive with a willingness to work on areas of personal improvement in an environment that is sincere and thought-provoking is a perfect candidate for leadership training by The Game Within. Our coaches are  more than happy to work with:

  • CEO of a fast growing company
  • Recently promoted SVP
  • About to be retiring executive
  • Young entrepreneur scaling your startup
  • Senior executive team leading a company
  • Director of new business looking to close more sales
  • And you!

What to expect

The Game Within puts our emphasis on vertical development and focuses our executive training on expanding the mental and emotional range of leaders.Whether you’re participating in one-on-one coaching sessions, company lectures, or team alignment meetings, all participants of The Game Within can expect a safe, encouraging and inspiring forum in which to explore high-level concepts and areas of personal growth opportunities with their executive coach.

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Client Testimonials

  • When I first started working with Christo over 7 years ago I was very raw and had a lot of areas that needed work as I had never spent the time to really understand myself as a leader. Working with Christo has not only developed my leadership skills but has also changed my personal life as well, for which I am truly grateful. I still have work to do, however with his help, there is a clear plan that we are working on to build up the areas that need help. I can recommend Christo with 100% certainty that he can add value to everyone.

    David Waxman
    David Waxman Managing Partner, MMPartners
  • When I first met Christo, my challenge to him was to help me work out who am I going to become. I wasn't looking for another self help guru, or assistance with goal setting and how to get what I wanted, I already had a clear understanding of that process. What I needed, was to unlock the deeper potential in side of me, by overcoming some deep rooted beliefs that were holding me back, and to really discover my 'why', and be confident that I was headed in the right direction with my life. Christo has helped me re-discover my inner light, and strengthened my faith so that I can follow my star.

    Richard Daw
    Richard Daw CEO, Clone Systems Philadelphia
  • Christo has changed my life, and I would recommend him to anyone. I have never experienced an engagement where someone was so committed to me as a person and was able to so quickly affect change in my life. Everything I do and all areas of my life have been transformed—my overall family and work life is so much more valuable to me and I am able to approach these spheres in a way I never was able to before. Christo particularly showed me the power of accepting and now I operate well in the most difficult of situations, bringing out the best in myself and in my team. Christo went above and beyond and I recommend him with 100% confidence.

    Jeff Reiss
    Jeff Reiss Head of Retail Sales, Hartford Funds, Philadelphia
  • Christo's incisive coaching has given myself and Elysian Fields the vision to think bigger and bolder about what we want and the impact we can have in the world. His astute feedback pushed me to discover more about my motivations, my inspirations, and what I want to build in this lifetime than I ever had before. As a result, our revenue has grown exponentially, but more importantly, we're happier in our work and crafting the kind of business that aligns with our values and the positive and vibrant world we want to create. If you know deep down that there must be "more", call him.

    Kate Strathmann
    Kate Strathmann Elysian Fields Philadelphia
  • Christo is very open and flexible, but at the same time he will push you to develop beyond your immediate leadership needs. I am certainly now able to tackle more complex business issues in high-pressure situations, without the great levels of stress I was previously experiencing. I also found it valuable to simply take time to pause and reflect over my current business challenges and have someone like Christo help me see them with new eyes and begin to make the changes to handle them differently.

    Toomas H. Truuumees
    Toomas H. Truuumees Senior Managing Partner and Chief Talent Officer, Decision Strategies International
  • I would highly recommend working with Christo. He has a strong and diverse tool kit of approaches to address professional development and realize goals and was able to find the right mix of approaches along the way to support my objectives. He also has a nimble approach to coaching, able to turn a dime and pursue emergent directions that arise through the coaching process. As a result of our work over the last year or so, I have doubled my leadership presence in my field, as well as my salary. I have stepped into a space in which my work is viewed on a national stage, not just local. And I have greatly refined my way of communicating and advocating for my core beliefs and professional vision.

    Thaddeus Squire
    Thaddeus Squire Managing Director, CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia

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